Strategic Solutions to Fundraising and Leadership Challenges

Our Mission is Your Sustainable Success

Together we will develop strategic solutions for your organization’s fundraising and leadership challenges. Our team will assist you with identifying the strengths of your mission and programs, and we will isolate methods to capture the best return on your investment of staff and volunteer time, donor support, and organizational resources.

Impact Goals:

  • Empowering organizations to sustainable success
  • Assisting teams to identify and build on their strengths
  • Advancing missions and visions through individualized action plans
King Knox and Darryl Gordon
Chairman Emeritus and President, Lancaster County Career & Technology Foundation
“When our Foundation’s only Executive Director of the past 16 years retired, we were referred to Ivy to both lead us through the process of finding a replacement and serve as interim Executive Director to keep foundation happenings afloat. Engaging Ivy was the best thing we could have done. She evaluated over 90 applications, organized them by our expected level of interest, scheduled interviews and was highly organized throughout the process. She brought her knowledge of, and her experience in the not-for-profit world to the table and enabled us to hire the absolute best candidate. While conducting the search, Ivy also took our “tribal knowledge,” none of which was documented, and developed a “Director’s Manual” which organized operating procedures and contact lists for all the foundation matters. Ivy and Helix Strategies directly made our foundation even stronger than we were before the engagement. We would highly recommend her to anyone.”
Luke Bernstein
Orrstown Bank, Executive Vice President
“We started working with Ivy Buchan of Helix Strategies in 2018 and we’ve been extremely impressed with her professionalism, nonprofit expertise, and relationship building. As a community bank, Orrstown cares deeply about investing in organizations that support the communities we serve. We’ve always given back to the community, and we wanted to have a greater impact. By partnering with Helix, we’ve been able to establish new and enhance existing relationships through our Nonprofit Council. We have established a great working relationship with Ivy, and look forward to remaining a strong resource and partner for community-based organizations.”
Rebecca Van der Groef, LSW
Hoffman Homes for Youth, CEO
“I cannot fully express my gratitude and appreciation to the both of you for your help in 2022. Alicia, your guidance to all of us during this time is what assisted us in having such great success at these events. While we could have struggled our way through them, it was your support and direction that helped us prepare and execute these events with such success. Ivy, I am so grateful for your understanding and flexibility. You did not have to extend our contract or allow Alicia to give us the time that she did. I wish your business all the best as you move forward with new clients and opportunities. Those that utilize your services are in great hands. Thank you again!” ”
Fern B. Wilcox
Daystar Center, CEO
“Daystar first developed a partnership with Helix Strategies for board development purposes in 2018. Our recent partnership with Helix involved working with Alicia M. Stanley, Helix’s Development Manager. The project was to write a grant for the Dauphin County Opioid Remediation Municipal Grant Program. I was so grateful for the professional assistance and guidance I received from Ms. Stanley. She made the project collaborative and fun. Government grants are frequently complex and very detailed. With the expert guidance of Ms. Stanley, Daystar was awarded a 70K grant. We are extremely grateful for the knowledge and expertise Helix Strategies and their staff have provided Daystar over the years. I know I am always in capable hands when Daystar needs assistance. Helix will remain our go to support for ancillary services.”
Maddie Young
YWCA Carlisle & Cumberland County, President & CEO
“Ivy Buchan did an outstanding job helping our organization develop our Strategic Plan and brought our Board of Directors together in a collaborative way so that we were all excited to focus and participate. Additionally, she led Board Governance discussions and helped us define our committee structure. She offered fresh and objective perspectives and suggested actionable next steps and recommendations. She and her team are professional and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in non-profit management, fundraising, strategic planning, and more. We highly recommend Ivy to other non-profit leaders and would welcome the opportunity to work with Helix Strategies again.” ”
Matthew Herren
Harrisburg Symphony, Executive Director
“Ivy Buchan was just what the Harrisburg Symphony Association needed. Her knowledge of nonprofit structure and governance, combined with her deep roots in Harrisburg make her an ideal thought partner. In one mid-scale planning session, she was able to bring our board together quickly and lead us to strategic initiatives in a thorough and enjoyable manner. Ivy and her team are exemplary, and a joy to work with and we highly recommend them.”