We offer educational presentations on any of the topics for which we provide services or review the examples below. Presentations last up to one hour including time for questions and there is no charge to community groups and our partners.

Please contact us to discuss costs for customized workshops with individualized topics and times.

A Few Examples of Presentation Topics

  • How to Adjust Your Strategic Plan to Post-COVID
  • Fundraising Tips Through COVID-19
  • How to Evaluate Your Fundraising Strategies (for People Who Hate Math)
  • How to Keep Your Development Department Productive Through COVID
  • Write Grants That Stands Out From the Pile
  • Where to Start With Succession Planning?
  • How to Speak the Language of Leadership
  • What Human Behavior Research Can Teach You about Your Donors
  • How to Measure and Present Impact in Ways Your Funders Will Love
  • Tips to Facilitate a Productive Board Meeting
  • Tips to Creating an Effective Development Plan
  • How to Lead Your Way to a Collaborative Team
  • How to Find and Engage Great Board Members
  • Do We Need a Strategic Plan or a Strategic Vision?
  • How to Find Your Leadership Niche
  • Creating Donor Profiles That Actually Lead to Engagement
  • How to Apply Different Leadership Theories to Your Team